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File #: 2023-0004   
Type: Consent Calendar Item Status: Passed
File created: 12/19/2022 In control: Sonoma County Water Agency
On agenda: 1/31/2023 Final action: 1/31/2023
Title: Sonoma Water Allocation Change Requests
Department or Agency Name(s): Sonoma County Water Agency
Attachments: 1. Summary Report, 2. Resolution 1, 3. Resolution 2

To: Board of Directors, Sonoma County Water Agency

Department or Agency Name(s): Sonoma County Water Agency

Staff Name and Phone Number: Susanne Oliver 524-1155; Lynne Rosselli 524-3771

Vote Requirement: 4/5th

Supervisorial District(s): Countywide




Sonoma Water Allocation Change Requests



Recommended Action:

Recommended action

A)                     Adopt a resolution effective January 31, 2023, to:

i.                     Add one (1) Full-Time Equivalent Department Analyst to the Fleet Services Section to provide programmatic support for Sonoma Water’s Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management System, and to develop and implement the mandated Electric Vehicle program.

ii.                     Add one (1) Full-Time Equivalent Department Information Systems Technician II to the Computer Instrumentation and Applications Support Section to provide IT support to Sonoma Water’s Computerized Maintenance Management System and Fleet Management systems.

iii.                     Add one (1) Full-Time Equivalent Automotive Technician to the Fleet Services Section to address the increase in Sonoma Water’s Light Fleet maintenance and repair needs.

B)                     Adopt a Resolution Authorizing Adjustment to the Board Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2022/2023 for the Sonoma Water General Fund in the amount of $130,826 for the Sonoma Water Allocation Change Requests.  (4/5th Vote Required)

(4/5th Vote Required)



Executive Summary:

Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water) staff recommend the addition of three key positions in support of Asset related needs including ongoing repair and maintenance, response to mandated Electric Vehicle changes, and development and management of the Computerized Maintenance Management System and other Asset Management tools.


Sonoma Water maintains a large number of assets critical to operations and vital in effective response to commitments to the community and in achieving Sonoma Water’s strategic goals.  These assets must be maintained and tracked, and programs and systems are required to achieve this.  Three permanent positions are requested in two separate divisions to support this need and to ensure that Sonoma Water is effectively managing its assets and responding to changing demands including mandated changes.


Sonoma County Human Resources has reviewed these requests and is in agreement with the job classifications.



The following three permanent allocations are requested to effectively support the maintenance and management of Sonoma Water assets and to respond to mandated vehicle changes.


Addition of one (1) Department Analyst

Maximo, Fleet Works, and other various asset management systems are used on a daily basis by Sonoma Water to manage and maintain thousands of assets associated with sewer, water, flood control, infrastructure as well as facilities and vehicles.  The primary focus of the requested Department Analyst is to administer fleet programs and provide programmatic support to the Fleet Coordinator responsible for asset management and Fleet Services at Sonoma Water. The requested position will conduct analytical studies and collect data to support budgetary decisions and equipment replacement.  The Department Analyst will also utilize technical skills to aid Fleet staff, Mechanics, Electricians, Operators, Maintenance workers, and others with the use of both Asset Works and the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. In addition, as Sonoma Water moves towards the implementation of the new mandated Electric Vehicle (EV) requirements, Fleet needs for Department Analyst level support will continue to grow. The two primary areas of focus are as follows:


Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Sonoma Water currently utilizes Maximo for its CMMS needs, Asset Works for its Fleet Management needs, as well as various other asset management systems. Maximo is in the process of being replaced. The transition is anticipated to be a one-year process requiring substantial initial and ongoing support. Asset Works is a relatively new system and continues to be populated and managed as part of the overall Fleet Management operation. As Sonoma Water undertakes the replacement of Maximo and continues to fully utilize Asset Works, it is vital to scrub data, populate new asset data, and assist staff with the use of asset management systems for the maintenance and replacement of assets. It is important to ensure all assets and associated information are captured correctly and for work orders to be reviewed and refined against recorded assets. The requested Department Analyst will manage this body of work and will further analyze and make recommendations about appropriate preventative maintenance related to Sonoma Water assets. As Asset Works is new and Maximo is being replaced, this position will work closely with maintenance coordinators, leads, and field staff to evaluate and improve asset information and the work order processes. 


Electric Vehicle Mandates

The requested Department Analyst will support programmatic changes required by upcoming mandates. Through the issuance of Executive Order N-79-20 by the Governor of California, the State of California is mandating that Government Fleets move toward “All Electric Fleet Vehicles.”  Development of this program will require staffing to implement, inventory, and maintain the program moving forward. With this mandate, Sonoma Water will be required to exchange a large portion of fleet vehicles with all electric vehicles. The requested Department Analyst will support the Fleet Coordinator in developing and implementing these programmatic changes. 


The job responsibilities of the requested Department Analyst are:


Support the daily use of Sonoma Water’s CMMS system:

                     Add new assets and associated information and documentation to the systems.

                     Remove retired assets from the systems.

                     Work with users to correct/refine Preventative Maintenance plans and Asset data.

                     Work with users to create new preventative maintenance work orders that are generated at appropriate frequencies.

                     Ensure O&M staff are closing out work orders with appropriate information.

                     Ensure O&M staff are appropriately utilizing corrective maintenance work order functions.


Support users of Asset Works:

                     Use analytics in Asset Works to inform the coordinator about vehicle replacement.  Create excel spreadsheets to analyze increased maintenance and make recommendations on vehicle replacement based on required timing and budgetary constraints.

                     Recommend procurement of new assets through analysis of maintenance records and end of useful life data.

                     Develop a streamlined process for staff to submit vehicle maintenance and repair requests. Rollout process and train staff.

                     Conduct fleet budget analysis on a regular basis to provide recommendations to coordinator on repair vs replace.


Support rollout and implementation of upcoming EV requirements:

                     Help transition from combustion engines to new EV fleet through cost benefit analysis on timing and number of vehicles to transition in a given time period.

                     Research and understand all aspects of mandate.  The above analysis and recommendations will be informed by the mandate which states that ½ of all vehicles purchased in a given time period must be EV.  Provide recommendations on timing and budget for approval by coordinator.


Addition of 1 Department Information Systems Technician II

A robust, well-maintained, and widely adopted Asset Management System/Computerized Maintenance Management System (AMS/CMMS) is foundational for the effective management of a utility. An AMS/CMMS system, at its core, centralizes maintenance information, facilitates processes and workload, and automates and tracks tasks to improve efficiency. It serves as an asset registry to store, access, and share information about an asset, of which Sonoma Water has thousands. It is used to manage, assign, and track preventative and corrective maintenance and ensure work is being prioritized, completed, and not over-looked. It is used to generate reports and analyze performance trends, help management make decisions regarding rehabilitating and replacing equipment and infrastructure, aid in disaster response, and ensure important ongoing maintenance happens on a schedule.


Sonoma Water is currently underway with the implementation of a new CMMS, which is expected to take close to one year to fully deploy.  This system will require ongoing IT support to implement the new software and provide continuing support of the software, including installs, configurations, tests, repairs, and upgrades.


Additionally, ongoing IT support and maintenance of Maximo, Sonoma Water’s current Enterprise Asset Management System/Computer Maintenance Management Software (AMS/CMMS) system before and during the transition will be required.  Maximo is an integral system needed every day by multiple divisions to maintain assets with reliable uptime.


Sonoma Water’s new Enterprise AMS/CMMS (which will be replacing Maximo) will need to interface with various other software, including Asset Works, Sonoma Water’s fleet maintenance system, to sync with vehicle asset information.  In addition to IT support of Maximo and eventually its future replacement, Sonoma Water requires IT support of Asset Works, including installs, configurations, upgrades and testing.


The requested Department Information Systems Technician II will assist with this body of work including supporting new and ongoing user training, data integrity, updates to reports, integration with other systems, software updates, and user acceptance.


The Department Information Systems Technician II will be responsible for the following:


Ø                     Provide IT Support for Sonoma Water’s current AMS/CMMS and Fleet Management Software:

                     Add new users to AMS/CMMS and reset passwords.

                     Provide training and create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for AMS/CMMS system.

                     Perform testing for system enhancements.

                     Add new users to Asset Works and reset passwords.

                     Provide training and create SOPs for Asset Works.

                     Work with vendors to fix issues and test the system.


Ø                     Work with the data migration and verification from the current AMS/CMMS to the new AMS/CMMS.  Implementation date end of 2023. 

Ø                     Provide IT support for Sonoma Water’s new AMS/CMMS after deployment.

Ø                     Perform Business Systems Analysis tasks for implementation of new AMS/CMMS.

                     Verify data was loaded correctly in new AMS/CMMS.

                     Test configurations and functionality of new AMS/CMMS.

                     Troubleshoot user’s issues.

                     Create SOPs for new AMS/CMMS.


Addition of 1 Automotive Technician

Sonoma Water staffing and subsequent fleet growth has increased the volume of maintenance needs requiring an additional Automotive Technician to meet demand. In 2010 Sonoma Water had 203 employees and two full time Light Fleet Mechanics. Staffing changes in 2012 reduced the number of full time Light Fleet Mechanics to one, yet Sonoma Water now has about 295 employees, including seasonal extra help.  Sonoma Water currently owns 165 on road vehicles and a total of 235 tracked vehicles and pieces of equipment, all of which require maintenance. Additional technician staff is necessary to keep up with the required service needs. The addition of one full time Light Fleet Automobile Technician will enable staff to keep up with required maintenance and repairs.  Vital basic services such as tire rotation/replacement, oil changes and completion of unscheduled repairs will be completed in a timely manner. This will keep Sonoma Water fleet vehicles safe and in optimal performance, subsequently extending the life of the vehicles, and ensuring the safety of valued staff utilizing these vehicles. Alternatives considered include sending the overflow service needs to County Fleet for maintenance and repairs, or sending overflow to private mechanics or dealers for service.  Neither option is as efficient or affordable as handling this work in house.  The time required to “wait in line” for service would be a detriment to overall operations at Sonoma Water.


The primary responsibility of the new Light Fleet Automotive Technician is to conduct routine fleet maintenance in a timely manner to get fleet vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.  This will include the following:


                     Routine service such as oil and other fluid changes, filter changes, tire rotation and replacement, wiper blade replacement, repair/replacement of failed auto parts

                     Diagnose vehicle problems and failures using diagnostic procedures; recommend and perform repairs

                     Inspect/repair brakes

                     Repair engines/transmissions, alternator/starter systems, and other automobile components

                     Perform alignments

                     Install required specialized equipment and components as required by specific SCWA user

                     Track and order parts and maintain inventory using SCWA data management systems


County of Sonoma Strategic Plan Alignment: N/A


Sonoma Water Strategic Plan Alignment:

Sonoma Water Strategic Plan Alignment: Water Supply and Transmission System, Goal 1: Protect drinking water supply and promote water use efficiency.

Sonoma Water Strategic Plan Alignment Vehicle Fleet, Goal: Improve safety, reliability and cost efficiency of the vehicle fleet.

Adding the requested allocations will provide Sonoma Water with the appropriate staffing to continue efforts toward achieving these strategic goals.


Prior Board Actions:



Fiscal Summary


FY 22-23 Adopted

FY23-24 Projected

FY 24-25 Projected

Budgeted Expenses




Additional Appropriation Requested




Total Expenditures




Funding Sources




General Fund/WA GF












Use of Fund Balance








Total Sources





Narrative Explanation of Fiscal Impacts:

Salary and benefits are budgeted in the General Fund which is funded through property tax revenue and grants.  The General Fund is reimbursed by Sonoma Water’s enterprise funds through the overhead rate using project costing.  Sonoma Water’s cost accounting system allocates labor costs to its projects and are specific to its enterprise funds. 


Adding these allocations represents a total net increase in FY 2022/2023 labor costs of $130,826.  For FY 2023/2024 the net increase for salary and benefits will be $402,288 and $412,346 for FY 2024/2025 assuming a 2.5% COLA each year.  The budget adjustment for FY 2022/2023 cannot be absorbed with the existing budget so a budgetary resolution has been submitted with this item.  FY 2023/2024 and FY 2024/2025 appropriations will be budgeted in these fiscal years.  See detail below:


                     Adding a 1.0 FTE Department Analyst represents an increase in labor costs in FY 2022/2023 of $48,464 (based on an annual cost of $145,392 prorated 4 months).  For FY 2023/2024 the net increase for salary and benefits will be $149,027, and $152,753 for 2024/2025, assuming a 2.5% COLA each year.

                     Adding a 1.0 FTE Department Information Systems Technician II represents an increase in labor costs in FY 2022/2023 of $41,025 (based on an annual cost of $123,074 prorated 4 months).  For FY 2023/2024 the net increase for salary and benefits will be $126,151 and $129,305 for 2024/2025, assuming a 2.5% COLA each year.

                     Adding 1.0 FTE Automotive Technician allocation represents an increase in labor costs in FY 2022/2023 of $41,337 (based on an annual cost of $124,010 prorated 4 months).  For FY 2023/2024 the net increase for salary and benefits will be $127,110, and $130,288 for 2024/2025, assuming a 2.5% COLA each year.


Staffing Impacts:




Position Title (Payroll Classification)

Monthly Salary Range (A-I Step)

Additions (Number)

Deletions (Number)

Department Analyst (0826)

$6,251 - $7,599



Department Information Systems Technician II (0157)

$5,291 - $6,432



Automotive Technician (5223)

$5,333 - $6,481




Narrative Explanation of Staffing Impacts (If Required):

If approved, this request will increase Sonoma Water’s allocation tables as follows:

Department Analyst from 5 to 6

Department Information Systems Technician II from 0 to 1

Automotive Technician from 1 to 2



(1) Resolution

(2) Resolution


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